Olive Branch Christian Church

><> "Pointing Others to Jesus" <><

Loving God. Loving Others. Serving the World. 

Dan Harris, though new to pastoring, is very experienced in leading people.  Having been an educator for two decades, public speaking is one of his fortes. Being a sports coach for twenty-four years has also taught him the strength of motivating people.  However, none of these experieces nor skills compares to his heart of love for God's Word and God's people. 

His partnership with Olive Branch Christian church began two years ago when Dan, his wife, and their two children visited the church on a Wednesday night service and were involved in the music ministry by the following Sunday.  Still keeping ties with his former church as well as pastors and membors of many churches in the area, Dan works to bring about understanding and unity in the Body of Christ.

Moreover, the community of Olive Branch and the midsouth enjoys his intense in involvement in teaching at Gorve Christian Academy, writing and directing musicals for the local community theatre, and heading up a local non-profit for inclusion, the Kaimen Center. 

Finally, Dan seeks, with all his heart, to consistently and prayerfully deliver clarity and insight into God's amazing Word so that his people can be built up into the mature measure of Christ.  May God guide this church as Dan leads by following the One who guides us into all truth.  Amen.

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