Olive Branch Christian Church

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Loving God. Loving Others. Serving the World. 

Teen Ministry

            It is our goal to train our teens to walk in truth and obedience to the Bible, to teach them to worship and honor Christ in all aspects of their lives, then for them to demonstrate a willingness and an attitude for work in the ministry of Christ, which will then lead to an outward difference in their lives and the winning of souls to Christ, and finally this will come full circle by welcoming more teens into Christian fellowship and discipleship.

  1. Walk -  We need to purposefully teach our teens to walk in the truth, to willingly be set apart, and to display obedience to God not just at Church or home but in every aspect of their life.
  1. Worship -  We need to make sure our teens understand this; that participating in worship is more important than being “busy” elsewhere.
  1. Work -  Teaching them to serve gives them ownership in our Church and its’ ministries instead of this being their “Parent’s Church”. Establishing an ownership and making it a joy to serve can carry over into other Churches as they may move away from the area.  That is why nearly half of our teen activities are “Teen Work Days” to help foster a serving heart not a “play-time” group or atmosphere.
  2. Witness - it is important to not only train and encourage our teens to have a bold and open witness but even more to teach that our actions speak very loudly (if not louder) and this shows our true desire for lost souls.  If we witness with our mouth but do not show a difference in our behavior we are false witnesses, and on the day of inspection our actions need to be such as to glorify Christ.
  1. Welcome Others -  We must have a purpose to bring in other teens to nurture their growth and service in the Lord.  But this purpose is not our primary or first purpose but an important part that completes the circle of all the previous purposes.  We must welcome other teens to a fun and relaxing environment created for discipleship;  not to a party atmosphere!